Agricultural PRessure Washing

We specialise in providing agricultural building cleaning services to a range of businesses and industries, ensuring high standards of hygiene and sanitisation. From building exteriors and internal animal enclosures to farm yards and equipment, we use specialist systems and products to meet your agricultural cleaning requirements.   

Agricultural Pressure Cleaning Services

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We work with a wide range of agricultural clients to provide comprehensive cleaning services, including:
  • Milking parlour cleaning
  • Stables cleaning
  • Livestock farm cleaning
  • Poultry shed cleaning
  • Cattle and pig farm cleaning
  • Kennels and Cattery cleaning
  • Aviary cleaning
Keeping agricultural buildings clean to the required standards can be hard work, mainly because of the nature of the nature of the work and the presence of animals. However, high standards of hygiene and regular sanitisation are essential to ensure you are adhering to the strict regulations in place to protect health and food supply.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Our team can provide internal and exterior building cleaning, as well as cleaning of plant machinery and equipment. Once complete we can apply disinfectants to ensure a healthy environment for your business and livestock.

We use a range of specialist equipment, and can supply both high powered jet washing that is sure to clean into even the hardest to reach areas, as well a more gentle soft washing that will protect and clean delicate structures.

We are fully insured, use only high quality products, and appropriate cleaning systems to ensure no damage to your property.

Storage Tank Cleaning

Alongside our agricultural cleaning services, the team at Total Pressure Cleaning also offer fast, efficient and safe storage tank cleaning for agricultural and commercial clients. Our storage tank cleaning services are undertaken using state of the art equipment and will ensure your tanks and storage containers are left clean, safe and fully compliant with relevant standards.

Regular storage tank cleaning will prolong the life of the tank and help to maintain the quality of the stored contents, be it fuel, food or any other substance.

We work flexibly to suit your requirements and quickly to ensure tanks are cleaned at the most appropriate times to limit any disruption to your operations.

All our services are fully insured and we use only the most appropriate cleaning systems to ensure the best results.

Poultry Shed Cleaning

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