Driveway Sealing

Prevent the growth or lichens and algae, sealing your driveway from the elements, improving the appearance and the kerb appeal of your property.

Weather Sealing For Patios & Driveways

Patio & Driveway Sealing from our base in Doncaster, servicing the entire UK.

Driveway Weather Sealing

Do you have a new driveway or a pre-exisiting driveway to your property which you are looking to protect from the weather and stains? Our driveway sealing service can help protect your drive keeping it looking as if it were brand new.

Driveway Clean Prior To Sealing

Before we can seal your driveway against the elements it first requires cleaning, our specialist pressure washing services are ideal for cleaning your driveway prior to us sealing it and protecting it.

We can clean and seal all types of drive whether they are concrete, presscrete, block paved, slabbed or tarmac. We use specialist cleaning fluids combined with our high pressure cleaner to remove all dirt, grim and oil stains. We also clear away any build up of moss, algae and lichens prior to driveway sealing.

This cleaning process will rejuvenate your driveway making it look like it was just laid.

Why would you want to seal your driveway?

  • To keep the dirt from being pushed down into the surface.
  • To deal with stains such as oil spills or fuel spills, etc. Such things can be very hard to clean and if they aren’t cleaned properly can compromise the lifespan of your driveway.
  • For waterproofing – this will prevent water intrusion which can cause cracks when it freezes.
  • Prevent the growth of lichens, algae and moss. Provide a UV shield to protect the surfaces.

Improve your property's kerb appeal.

Having a nice looking well maintained driveway can really give a good first impression when people visit your home. This is especially important if you are intending to sell your property or rent it out to potential tenants.
Driveway Sealing

Patio Sealing

Protect your patio from the elements and enhance it's appearance with expert weather sealing from our professional team.

Weather Sealing

Prevent the growth or lichens and algae, sealing your paving or driveway from the elements.

Block Paving Sealing

Eliminate weed growth and reduce weather damage to your block paving with specialist weather sealant to keep it looking it's best.

Tarmac Sealing

Protect your tarmac and refresh it's colour and finish with specially designed weather sealant that will enhance it's appearance and prolong it's life.