Indian Stone Cleaning

We provide high quality and professional Indian Stone pressure cleaning to residential customers, maintain that fresh look of your Indian Stone paving & seating areas.

Indian Stone Cleaning Services

Indian Stone Pressure Cleaning throughout the UK from our offices in Doncaster.

Caring For Your Indian Stone Paving

Indian sandstone is one of the most popular paving materials for its natural look and versatility. Whether you want a traditional or modern garden, Indian sandstone has it all covered with its rustic finish and earthy tones that give depth to your space.

It’s hard to maintain! Even though it is one of the most beautiful stones on Earth, natural stone can be affected by heavy footfall and rain. The good news is that with regular cleaning and maintenance your Indian Stone will continue looking fresh for years to come.

Indian Sandstone Professionally Pressure Washed

As it is a natural stone greater care should be taken when cleaning Indian Stone paving and seating areas. The stone is porous so any harsh cleaning fluids may damage the stone. Here at Total Pressure Cleaning we use gentle cleaning fluids which are acid free as not to eat into your sandstone paving. 

Our cleaning solution fluid loosens the dirt, moss and lichen prior to a gentle pressure clean, we may also use a stiff brush for those stubborn areas of the stone.

These specialist cleaning solutions coupled with our low pressure cleaning equipment will ensure that your Indian Sandstone is correctly and professionally cleaned. 

Indian Stone Sealing

Once cleaned, we would advise that your Indian Stone paving is also professionally weather sealed. This will help to minimise the frequency of cleaning, prevent moss and algae growth and reduce the build up of general dirt and grime.

With all natural stone it is important that you seal it against the elements, natural stone is porous so any dirty water, rain water or spillages could quickly damage your beautiful stone areas, seeping into the surface of your stone making it extremely difficult to clean.

If you have an Indian Stone patio or seating area in your garden which needs brining back to life, you can trust our team to provide professional, long lasting results – simply call us today on 01302 350 674 to find out more.

Residential Pressure Washing

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