Paint & Graffiti Removal

The team at Total Pressure Cleaning offer a range of paint cleaning and graffiti removal services to commercial clients in Doncaster and throughout the UK. We use the latest cleaning systems to effectively clean paint from brickwork and other surfaces, restoring their original appearance and leaving them clean and refreshed.

Graffiti Removal and Cleaning Services

How We Can Help

If your premises have been subjected to vandalism such as graffiti, we understand that you will want it removed fast to preserve your business appearance. That’s why our graffiti removal and cleaning specialists will attend quickly to remove the offending paint work.

Our graffiti removal services utilise the latest pressure washing systems to effectively clean all traces of the paint from any surface, including:

  • Graffiti removal from brickwork
  • Graffiti removal from cladding and timber
  • Graffiti removal from glazing and glass
  • Graffiti removal from UPVC and composite surfaces

We have years of experience and a skilled team who can assess the damage and carry out the most appropriate cleaning services, whether you require heavy duty water jetting, or a gentler soft washing approach to protect any delicate or damaged surfaces.

Following a thorough clean of the surface and the removal of all paint we can apply a specialist anti-graffiti coating that will act as a preventative and make it easier to clean graffiti attacks in the future.

Paint Cleaning and Removal

If you’ve recently taken on new premises, or your building needs a refresh, we can provide paint removal services that will leave your building exterior clean and presentable.

Our paint removal will effectively remove all signs of old, peeling or chipped paint, ready for a fresh coat, or simply restore the natural colour of the brickwork or surface below.

All our commercial cleaning services are fully insured and we will assess the materials to be cleaned and always use the most appropriate products and services to ensure no damage or water ingress.

Commercial Brick Cleaning

Maintaining your premises professional appearance is easier than you think with commercial brick cleaning services from the team at Total Pressure Cleaning. We use state of the art cleaning systems and pressure washing methods to clean and restore the appearance of brickwork and other surfaces.

Whether it’s removing paint or graffiti, restoring the original colour of old brickwork stained with pollution or the removal of chewing gum and stains from brickwork or paving, we have the experience and equipment to provide a fast, effective and thorough clean.

We can provide regular pressure cleaning to keep your premises looking presentable, or attend one off appointments to remove stains or graffiti quickly. Simply get in touch with the team at Total Pressure Cleaning today to find out more.

Graffiti Removal

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