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We provide commercial brickwork cleaning in Doncaster and throughout the UK, using specialist cleaning systems and products to restore old, dirty and neglected brickwork and leave it looking brand new.

Commercial Stone, Masonry and Brickwork Cleaning

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As brickwork ages, it can become stained with pollution, be subjected to vandalism with paint or graffitti, and moss, lichens and algae can grow in the spaces between the brickwork, leaving it looking old and neglected. Not only that but a build up of debris and plant growth can damage the brickwork over time, leaving it vulnerable to the elements and further damage.

We use specialist equipment to remove all dirt gently, preserving the brickwork and restoring it’s original colour. All the services we provide are fully insured, and we work with a wide range of business and sectors, tailoring our services to suit the construction and the requirements of our clients.

Commercial Brick Cleaning

A professional appearance is a priority for most businesses, and while you may not notice the buildup of dirt and gradual discoloration of your brickwork over time, it can really impact the appearance of your premises. Our brickwork cleaning services can refresh and restore, leaving your property looking brand new.

  • Brickwork cleaning and restoration
  • Graffiti removal
  • Removal of old paint from brickwork
  • Removal of chewing gum from brickwork
  • Shop front cleaning
  • Exterior building cleaning
  • Builders’ cleans

Whether you’re near a busy road and struggle with a build of pollution, or unsightly moss and lichens growing on your roof, our expert team will carefully clean and restore your property, leaving it looking refreshed and ready for business.

We use the latest cleaning systems and a variety of professional brickwork cleaning methods to ensure the brickwork isn’t damaged. Whether you require low pressure, soft washing or tough chemical treatments to restore your brickwork, we’ll ensure the right process is followed to provide a high quality clean that will leave your premises presentable and professional.

We are fully insured and use only high quality products, and appropriate cleaning systems to ensure no damage to your property.

Graffiti Removal

Our specialist graffiti removal services utilise high power jet washing to methodically remove graffiti and paint from walls, brickwork and building exteriors. If your commercial premises has been vandalised with paint, we understand the need to have it removed quickly. Whether it’s an offensive message you don’t want your customers seeing or tags and images that make your business look unprofessional. We will attend quickly and remove the graffiti, restoring the surface or brickwork underneath, and leaving it looking brand new.

We can also use our pressure washing systems to remove old paint from your buildings, so if you’re getting ready for a rebrand and repaint and want the surfaces beneath preparing, or you just want to clean alway any old paint and restore the natural brickwork ready for a new business launch – we can help.

We tailor our commercial cleaning services to meet the needs of our customers – so whether the building needs a deep clean utilising high powered jets, or soft washing to protect the brickwork and mortar – you can trust our team to deliver the right cleaning service every time.

Brickwork Cleaning

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