Patio Cleaning

Here at Total Pressure Cleaning we offer professional patio cleaning and pressure washing for patios, decking, pathways and driveways, throughout the UK from our base in Doncaster.

Patio Pressure Cleaning

Our expert team of cleaning engineers use a gentle yet effective pressure washing equipment to thoroughly clean and revive the appearance of your patio and surrounding areas. We can work with any material to ensure a high quality and beautifully clean finish, including:
  • Concrete patio cleaning
  • Indian Stone cleaning
  • Brick pathway and patio cleaning
  • Stone or flagstone patio cleaning
  • Paved patio cleaning
  • Terracotta or tiled patio cleaning
  • Mixed material patio cleaning

Professional Patio Pressure Washing

Our specialist patio cleaning services are designed to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior and garden. Whether you want to sell your house and want the patio restoring and cleaning to make it more appealing to buyers, or you simply want it cleaning and restoring ready to enjoy over the summer months, our patio cleaning services are the ideal solution.

Some patio power washing methods can leave lines in the surface, damage the decorative finish or even disturb the sand in between the paving which could cause the patio to become uneven and sink over time.

However our expert team have a variety of specialist patio cleaning equipment, such as the Rotary Flat Surface Cleaner, which uses gentle pressure and a minimal amount of water. We can also use soft washing or steam cleaning techniques to ensure a gentle, but effective patio clean, removing all dirt, grime and plant growth. So, whether you need high pressure jet washing or gentle steam cleaning we can restore the appearance of your surfaces without damaging the decorative finish.

Patio Weather Sealing

On completion of a patio clean, our team can apply specialist weather sealant products and treatments to the patio surface to prolong the clean and protect against the elements, water ingress and general wear.

Our resilient weather sealing products can be applied to almost any surface and will inhibit the growth of weeds and moss as well as preventing the build up of dirt and debris which could result in damage to the patio over time.

Sealing the surface following a patio clean also reduces the amount of sand lost from the joints, prolonging the life of your patio.

So if you’re looking for a professional patio cleaning service to restore the appearance of your outdoor space, simply contact the professional team at Total Pressure Cleaning today on 01302 350 674 to find out more.
Patio Cleaning Doncaster
Patio Cleaning Doncaster

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