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The team a Total Pressure Cleaning have been fully trained to perform professional, safe weighbridge cleaning services to commercial and industrial clients throughout Doncaster and the UK, including:
  • Pit Mounted Weighbridge Cleaning
  • Surface Mounted Weighbridge Cleaning
  • T Section Weighbridge Cleaning
  • One off deep cleans for weighbridges
  • Regular contracted weighbridge cleaning

We use specialist attachments and pressure washing systems, as well as careful but powerful cleaning methods to provide the complete cleaning of all built up dirt and debris across the weighbridge and the critical weighing points, ensuring no damage to the load cells or cabling.

In any industrial environment the presence of dirt and debris is unavoidable, but if left to build up it can seriously impact on the performance and of the weighbridge. Built up mud and debris can become compacted by the heavy vehicles and reduce the available movement of the weighbridge. That’s why regular and effective weighbridge cleaning services are recommended to ensure your weighbridge continues to weigh accurately and to prolong the life of the equipment and components.

Our specialist engineers use jet washers to thoroughly and safely clean the weighbridge surface and completely remove all mud, slurry and dirt which could affect the performance of the bridge. We can also pressure wash the underside of the weighbridge, with professional accuracy to ensure the load cells aren’t hit, and there is no water ingress in the junction box.

Our team are available to provide one off cleans, as well as regular contracted cleans to ensure the ongoing maintenance and accuracy of your weighbridge. To find out more, or book a weighbridge clean, simply get in touch with the team at Total Pressure Cleaning today.

Storage Tank Pressure Cleaning

Alongside our weighbridge cleaning services, we also provide professional storage tank cleaning to agricultural and industrial clients in Doncaster and throughout the UK.

Our highly skilled and trained team can assess your tank and requirements and undertake an appropriate and effective clean of the interior and exterior of your strorage tank. Whether you need regular storage tank cleaning to coincide with your weighbridge cleaning, or you need a one off clean of a tank or silo ready for a change of use, we have a range of specialist equipment and attachments to help.

Our storage tank cleaning will ensure you are adhering to the strict relevant standards and ensure no cross contamination of stored substances or damage to your tanks. Simply get in touch with the team at Total Pressure Cleaning to find out more.

Agricultural Cleaning

Our agricultural cleaning services can provide a thorough and hygienic clean of your entire premises or farm, from storage tanks and weighbridges, to barns, building exteriors, roads and animal enclosures. We use high pressure water jetting as well as gentler soft washing or steam cleaning to ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned with no damage or water ingress.

All our agricultural cleaning services are designed to ensure you are operating within the relevant environmental and hygiene standards, and once complete we can apply agricultural-grade disinfectants to keep your premises cleaner for longer. Contact us today to find out more about our industrial, commercial or agricultural cleaning services.

Weighbridge Cleaning

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