Commercial Pressure Washing

Total Pressure Cleaning offers a comprehensive commercial pressure cleaning service, from our base in Doncaster, right across the UK.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Our Commercial Pressure Cleaning Service

For any business it’s important to have a clean and professional image and our commercial pressure washing services are the perfect solution to revive and refresh your premises in Doncaster or throughout the UK. We can provide pressure washing for:

We use a range of specialist equipment and a professional commercial pressure washing system to effectively and thoroughly remove all dirt and grime, whether you’re near a busy road and struggle with a build of pollution, or unsightly moss and lichens growing on your roof, our expert team will carefully clean and restore your property, leaving it looking refreshed and ready for business.

We are fully insured and use only high quality products, as well as a range of appropriate cleaning systems and methods to ensure no damage to your property.

With years of experience and a range of tools and cleaning systems at our disposal we work with clients in any commercial sector, from builders’ cleans following a construction project, to cleaning and disinfecting agriculture buildings to maintain high standards of hygiene. We can tailor all our commercial pressure washing services to meet your business requirements.

Commercial Pressure Washing Process

Our commercial pressure washing services are designed to leave your buildings hygienically clean, presentable and free from damage. This means that for some properties, particularly older builds or those constructed from delicate materials, we will tailor our pressure washing services to ensure the best results.

Our team have the skill and experience to risk assess and recommend the most appropriate cleaning method for your requirements, ensuring a safe and thorough clean every time.

Soft Washing – Often used on older builds, or where there might be damage caused by a long term build up of dirt and debris, we clean using professional scrapers, designed to prevent any damage from harsh chemicals or high pressure water jetting.

Low Pressure Steam – Low pressure washing is ideal for large surfaces, such as tiled roofs, that need an effective clean without causing any water ingress or damage to the slates.

Post-Clean Protection – Following a thorough clean of your premises, we can apply a specialist biocide product to areas such as roofs or cladding that will protect from the elements and reduce the growth of lichens and moss.

Chewing Gum Removal

Our specialist chewing gum removal team uses high power pressure washing to effectively remove chewing gum from walkways, pedestrian areas, pavements and car parks, leaving the areas around your premises refreshed and restored.

Often, people don’t notice the built up of chewing gum straight away, but it can present a real eyesore for business owners and leave your property looking neglected and unprofessional. By power washing the floor, the chewing gum is lifted away from the ground easily, and so is all other dirt and debris, restoring its original colour and leaving it looking refreshed and noticeably cleaner.

Not only that, but as there is often no need for harsh chemicals, our commercial pressure washing for chewing gum removal presents no risk of damage, and is much more eco friendly than using solvents.

Brickwork Cleaning Services

As part of commercial pressure washing services, we work with construction companies to provide professional brickwork cleaning services following a renovation or construction work. The layer of dust and debris left behind from a new build project can infiltrate into all areas and can be difficult to remove, but our commercial brickwork cleaning services will have them restored and clean in no time.

Brickwork cleaning can also be used for chewing gum, paint and graffiti removal, to restore shop fronts, pavements and any public space or commercial premises that have been vandalised.

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